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KingOne Business Brokerage

Our Services

Whether you wish to buy or sell a business the steps to complete the transaction can be intensive and tedious. KingOne Business Brokerage takes the stress and strain of buying or selling a business away from its clients through its various services.

Our professionals provide all the ancillary services you will need to be successful in your endeavor to sell a business or acquire one.

These services are tailored to fit your needs. Use as many or as few as you need and only pay for the services you use.


Brokerage Representation

Our Business Brokers are some of the best in the industry with versatile backgrounds in the business world. This extensive background gives you a head start in finding you a business to purchase or a buyer for one that you own. There are multiple business industries and each industry has its own unique perspectives. It's knowledge of these industries that allows our Brokers to help you identify the right business for you to buy or the right buyer for your business. We represent both SELLERS and BUYERS on one or both sides of a transaction.

Confidentiality. It is extremely important to both sellers and buyers to maintain confidentiality in the buy/sell process. Businesses can actually lose value if they try to sell a business improperly. Buyers can be inundated with unscrupulous sellers and brokers looking to make a quick buck. As your Broker, we are your first line of defense and protect your name and reputation.


Not sure if you should sell or what you are looking to buy, we can help. KingOne Business Brokerage provides extensive consultation services at affordable rates to help you determine a path that is right for you without any commitment to our brokerage.


KingOne Business Brokerage is pleased to be able to provide accounting and legal services through our third party affiliates.

Accountant Services

Our sophisticated business accountants can provide a variety of services including preparation of financial documents needed to procure a sale, Analytics of existing financial documents with detail reporting for Buyers, set up and preparation of business accounts, filings, taxes.

Legal Services

Our legal team is available to answer legal questions, corporation set ups, preparation of in depth purchases needing letter of intents or detailed, unusual purchase contracts.

They provide reasonable, affordable rates to our clients and are readily available to meet our clients' needs. Time is of the essence and our attorneys will assure you they will not be the cause of delay in your transaction.

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